What People Are Saying About This Amazing Album

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"Totally Epic. Loud and proud and it took me to heaven! Thank you for such a fabulous gifting of God's Glory. Amen and Amen. Bless you Nick for this CD and taking me to another dimension. Cheers "

Lee Ann Wilson

Listened to the 'Like an Eagle' CD today on my way to work and again on the way home. Thoroughly enjoyable, it actually reminded me of PETRA, very inspiring and comforting in the Holy Spirit. Strong anointing and awesome guitar work, very similar depth to PETRA very gutsy and full. Well done.

Steve Byron - Lead Guitarist at "Without Walls Ministries"

I can't really explain it as I have played the 'Like an Eagle' album continuously. When we first played it in the car, Holy Ghost love hit my wife and daughter straight away. We got to McDonald's and just sat there until the disc had finished. It's world class. Great songs, awesome guitar work and classy vocals, my favorite track is 'You are my rock' Love it! .

David Schmack

Thank you Nick for your latest album and congratulations on your fine work. I just played it on the way home and could barely contain myself from dancing to the first 3 songs. When I arrived home, I jumped out of the car ready to rock n roll. I love the beautiful guitar parts and the last 3 slow songs are so restful that I found it easy to get straight into meditation. There is nothing out of place on this album and the production is both solid and tight. My 24 year old daughter said and I agree, that 'it is very easy to listen to and will market well to a wide audience'. Well done!

Marianna Wigg - Keyboard player and vocalist for 'G Trip'

Thank you for such a beautiful album, I turned up the volume on my car stereo and the sound was superb! I could feel the passion and the depth of meaning in the words. I am still humming 'Like an Eagle which is my favorite song, whereas my husband's favorite is 'You are my Rock'. We need another copy as he keeps sneaking it into his car! Excellent sound!


Description'Like an Eagle' is a truly amazing album. From beginning to end there is a flow of positive energy that carries from one song to the next. You can feel God's presence when listening to it and after its finished it stays with you. The message is loud and clear and the lyrics are some of the best I've ever heard in Christendom. I play this album all day everyday, in my office and in the car. A true blessing and inspiration, I can't wait to hear the next one. Thank you Nick. Praise the Lord!

David Massey